+-*This post is a direct paste from Brian Johnson, one of my favourite people on the internet. “The more you think about something happening the more you improve the probability of that thing happening. This is what Karoly Takacs did better than anyone else. He never doubted what he could achieve, but focused constantly on […] Read more…

Note of joy 


+-*Hey loves and lovers, Life. It’s a game and a gift. More of a gift today. Well, it’s the almost completion of a project I’ve been working on, and the fulfillment of a dream. Creative dreams take time. This one has, for sure. It’s on 90% now, so won’t be long before it’s out in […] Read more…

Peonies, peonies

Peony love

+-*Peonies. Not sure why I love them so much. They have this very calming aura about them, and I’m instantly smiling whenever I come across a picture of them. This post is dedicated to my love of one of my favourite flowers, the beautiful peony. A poem for peonies by Mary Oliver This morning the […] Read more…

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